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[Vim]NeomakeでFlowを実行したときにexit code 64が表示されたときのメモ

Vim の Lint チェックに Neomake を使っていて、実行時に

Neomake: flow: completed with exit code 64.

Flow のバージョンは 0.37.4。


によると g:neomake_verbose という変数があるので、.vimrc


を追加して Neomake を再度実行する。



Neomake [0.850]: [#2] stderr: flow: ['flow: unknown option ''--old-output-format''.', 'Usage: flow [COMMAND] ', '', 'Valid values for COMMAND:', '  ast             Print the AST', '  autocomple
te    Queries autocompletion information', '  check           Does a full Flow check and prints the results', '  check-contents  Run typechecker on contents from stdin', '  coverage        Show
s coverage information for a given file', '  find-module     Resolves a module reference to a file', '  find-refs       Gets the reference locations of a variable or property', '  force-recheck
   Forces the server to recheck a given list of files', '  gen-flow-files  EXPERIMENTAL: Generate minimal .js.flow files for publishing to npm.', '  get-def         Gets the definition location
 of a variable or property', '  get-importers   Gets a list of all importers for one or more given modules', '  get-imports     Get names of all modules imported by one or more given modules',
'  init            Initializes a directory to be used as a flow root directory', '  ls              Lists files visible to Flow', '  port            Shows ported type annotations for given file
s', '  server          Runs a Flow server in the foreground', '  start           Starts a Flow server', '  status          (default) Shows current Flow errors by asking the Flow server', '  sto
p            Stops a Flow server', '  suggest         Shows type annotation suggestions for given files', '  type-at-pos     Shows the type at a given file and position', '  version         Pri
nt version information', '', 'Default values if unspecified:', '  COMMAND^Istatus', '', 'Status command options:', '  --color                           Display terminal output in color. never,
always, auto (default: auto)', '  --from                            Specify client (for use by editor plugins)', '  --help                            This list of options', '  --ignore-version
                 Ignore the version constraint in .flowconfig', '  --json                            Output results in JSON format', '  --no-auto-start                   If the server is not ru
nning, do not start it; just exit', '  --one-line                        Escapes newlines so that each error prints on one line', '  --pretty                          Pretty-print JSON output (
implies --json)', '  --quiet                           Suppress output about server startup', '  --retries                         Set the number of retries. (default: 3)', '  --retry-if-init
                 retry if the server is initializing (default: true)', '  --sharedmemory-dep-table-pow      The exponent for the size of the shared memory dependency table. The default is 17, i
mplying a size of 2^17 bytes', '  --sharedmemory-dirs               Directory in which to store shared memory heap (default: /dev/shm/)', '  --sharedmemory-hash-table-pow     The exponent for t
he size of the shared memory hash table. The default is 19, implying a size of 2^19 bytes', '  --sharedmemory-log-level          The logging level for shared memory statistics. 0=none, 1=some',
 '  --sharedmemory-minimum-available  Flow will only use a filesystem for shared memory if it has at least these many bytes available (default: 536870912 - which is 512MB)', '  --show-all-error
s                 Print all errors (the default is to truncate after 50 errors)', '  --strip-root                      Print paths without the root', '  --temp-dir                        Direct
ory in which to store temp files (default: /tmp/flow/)', '  --timeout                         Maximum time to wait, in seconds', '  --version                         (Deprecated, use `flow vers
ion` instead) Print version number and exit', '']
Neomake [0.854]: Channel has been closed: channel 2 closed

どうやら --old-output-format という古いオプションをつけて実行しており、そんなオプションないよと怒られているようだ。

参考(関係ある?):Remove --old-output-format · Issue #2844 · facebook/flow

で、今度は Neomake 側を調べてみたところこの PR でどうも修正したように見える。

Fix flow output by rafaelrinaldi · Pull Request #880 · neomake/neomake

そういえばしばらくプラグインのアップデートとかしてなかったなと思い、私は dein.vim を使っているので

:call dein#update()

でアップデートしてみたところ lint が通るようになった。

※ただ、それ以外にも色々 Neomake ではうまくいかないことがあったので現在は ALE を使うことにした。それはまた別途書くことにする。